Spiritual Energy Healing


Welcome to my Healing Course using Ancient Symbols. You can use this course for own healing and spiritual development and also as a therapy either complete as it is or you can utilise those aspects and techniques that would fit into any other practise you are already using. The symbols work well with Reiki and I am a Reiki Master and have had no conflict with the energies.

Modules 1-4

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The course is in four modules and each module comes in several sessions. This should make it easier for you to work your way through at your own pace. There are demonstrations inserted within each recorded session and I am including the links to these videos in your work plan so that you can easily replay them at any time.

It would be helpful to have a journal to hand for any notes, thoughts or ideas that you have as you are working through the course and to record any experiences you have in meditations or in healing sessions.

For each module there is homework and additional suggestions videos, webinars and reading. To receive a certificate at the completion of the course you will need to send me an overview case study of four people you have worked with using the symbols and healing techniques. You will find a form for your case study reports at the end of this document.

You will be sent a list of dates and times when I will be giving a live Zoom session for Q & A and further discussion. Please let me know if you wish to attend any of these sessions.

I look forward to connecting to you at our live sessions. If you have any problems during the working of your course please contact me.

Module One

  • Your Spiritual Energy Map
  • Connecting to your Higher Self, Protection and connection to Spirit and Sweeping negative energies and blocks
  • Attunement to the healing energies, uses of the Healing Symbol and healing process
  • Responsibilities and outcomes of healing, avoiding burnout
  • Setting up your Healing Room
  • Healing through the Chakras
  • Pendulum work to access the state of chakras and your needs for supplements etc

Module Two

  • Cutting cords to attachments and releasing past love
  • Releasing the cords to addictions
  • Healing heart break and pain from rejection and betrayal
  • Opening the heart and clearing the barriers to allow love in your life
  • Healing and Clearing Heart Spheres (chambers) that affect all areas of your life

Module Three

  • The origins of the Symbols and connecting to the Masters of Light
  • Symbols for: healing pain, clearing conflict and disharmony, peace
  • Distance healing
  • Healing with Colour
  • Symbols for empowerment, releasing stress
  • Symbols for healing digestive tract, fractures and more

Module Four

  • Finding and healing the root cause of problems and illness
  • Soul imprints from this and past lives, past life therapy
  • Clearing Vows, redundant contracts and karmic ties
  • The Power Symbol and clearing Karma
  • Clearing curses and negative energies
  • Releasing programming that create negative self-beliefs
  • The Silver Ray and planetary healing

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8 reviews for Spiritual Energy Healing

  1. Mary

    I have used the healing symbol to reduce the pain for my sensitive gum, muscle strain, to give a longer lifespan to my fresh flower arrangements and to boost the energy of my drinking water.
    In addition, I have also used the healing symbol and peace and harmony symbol to bless my bedroom and the living room. So far we have had many laughters even during dreary days of lockdown and financial distress.

    I have also sent healing to my fiancée and have cleared his cold/flu symptoms. My business partner tells me that he has never felt this good for months, basically I send it to anyone in need.

    I have noticed that when I send healing energy by looking at a photograph I do get a vision or a just a feeling. I think it tells me about the state of mind of the person in the photo.

    I have never imagined that I can do this!

  2. CJ

    I was thinking of you today and reflecting on my life over the last 19 months. I would like to Thank You for

    Opening my heart to possibilities
    Opening the door to knowledge and wisdom
    Sending unconditional love

    It has been a wonderful and enriching experience. Looking forward to more!

  3. Dee

    For many years I did not know I was ‘programmed’. I managed it so well until I was so good at it and got amazing results for others and not myself. I suffered emotionally and then it manifested into a physical problem. I was hospitalised, I had accidents and still no one came to help. Secretly I saw a psychologist and he said I had Superwoman syndrome. Nothing worked until I met you and after two sessions I met a wonderful man and fell in love. From that point I knew I was worthy and I found the courage to go deeper and cleared the problems that I had.

    On the plus side, all that programming got me a lot of skills!!

    It has been a wonderful journey of self discovery.

  4. Annette

    I have been practising using the symbols on myself and others. The energies are strong and I can feel them in my hand and fingers.

  5. Fred

    Thank you for putting together a wonderful course on spiritual healing. I am learning a lot and enjoying using the symbols.

  6. Sue

    I am glad you offered this course. I have been wanting to learn, but didn’t know how. I believe I found myself in this educational journey. I confess that I have read so many self help books, but none could offer a real advice to transform my life.

    I have had many accidents ( since 6 years old), worked myself sick until needing hospital stay and close to having a mental breakdown and all the remedies were only good to control the physical symptoms.

    So finally I found the right medicine.. so to speak..and I am grateful for this lockdown as it has enabled me to heal and strengthen my spiritual self.

  7. Debbie

    I did the healing for all chakras before going to bed and I woke up this morning with a feeling of Bliss, Tranquil, Peace and I can feel it throughout my entire being.I have never felt this absolutely amazing feeling…it soooo wonderful Anne. The feeling remains even after many hours. And I was lying in bed feeling so good and at peace. There is no anxiety and no worries.

    Thank You Anne!!

  8. Carla

    I completed the first module and I instantly thought of this- Heal the World ( the Micheal Jackson song is in my head) During the second module, after the attunement, I saw hands joining together and bright lights around it, opening of an eye and I saw the Eye of Horus ( second time I saw this).

    I saw myself hugging my spirit guide. I have a tingling sensation in my hands after drawing the healing symbol.

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