Sinus and IBS

Dear Anne,

I’ve been suffering from severe nasal turbinate issues, surgery unsuccessful, consulted doctors, chiropractors, Chinese physicians with a little improvement and the outcome not sustained , two chiropractors and a Chinese sinseh informed me that the nasal issues are mainly allergies , muscles nerves at cervical and thoracic areas of spine. I went for courses of treatments with temporary relief only.

Lately I was informed that the nose, colon, intestines share the same meridian. I have had irritable bowel syndrome since 1994 with dailywatery motion 5-6 times and I have suffered from sleep deficit with just four hours sleep a night. I have no problem getting to sleep but the IBS symptoms wake me every night with three trips to the toilet in two hours and then I cannot get back to sleep.

I have a fantastic appetite but recently have been losing weight. Doctors can’t figure out why suddenly I have pain at upper neck and midback, issues cited include wind, heatiness, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia.

I am not an expert on meridian lines – you would find confirmation from an acupuncturist or reflexologist. I have come across many clients with your sort of physical ailments (sinus and IBS) that do not respond to medical treatments and I have found that they are usually brought on by the body holding emotions and imprints of past experiences. The sinus indicates an irritation with your surroundings and those with whom you share your life. The IBS is also a form of allergic reaction (although it’s an infection of the bowel) and the bigger picture of your health problems seem to indicate a lot of negativity is being held onto from the past. This does not mean that your physical problems are not real but that they are a result of deep seated emotional issues that you are holding.

To help find the deeper rooted cause of your current situation I suggest you ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are there people from your childhood that you feel are the cause of some of your current problems in life?Do you think you are a victim of situations that have been “bad luck” or misfortune?
  • Do you think you control and guide your own life or are you affected mainly by other people?
  • What situations or events in the past still crop up in your mind from time to time?
  • What do you fear?
  • What emotions come up when people challenge you in anyway?

The answers to these questions will start to give you the pointers to any underlying imprints that need to be healed. Once you accept that there is a need for healing/love for some aspect of yourself and that you are ready to accept yourself totally, lovingly and whole heartedly then you are open to change and once you intend to allow the changes to occur then they will. One of the most important changes you will need to focus on is to open your heart to receive – this will open you up to the vibrations of love which can come from people, spirit or nature. To assist in this process put your hands together as in prayer then open them and know that your heart is opening to give and receive love. Also you can resolve to take over the full responsibility and guidance of your life and the choices that you make so that you look for the positive, let go of the negative and see your body as a wonderful holder of your spirit rather than a difficulty and a cause of suffering.

Good luck and bless you.

Anne x

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