Spiritual Energy Healing Course – What’s It All About?

Introducing my Spiritual Energy Healing Course, designed to guide you on your spiritual healing journey, or to apply as part of a therapy you already deliver to your client base.

Consisting of 4 modules, my Spiritual Energy Healing course features a series of training sessions, case studies, meditations, and practical exercises to guide you through my learnings.

To give you a deeper insight as to what to expect by signing up to this all-new course, I wanted to give you a closer look at what each of the modules is all about:

Opening to Channel

This module is all about how to open to channeling the energies that heal and transform us. You will learn how to release negative energies, the practice of sweeping that releases stress and anxiety and how to channel the high frequency energies that transform and heal. Ultimately you will be learning how to heal yourself and others.

On this journey, you will be meeting your spirit guide, learning how to connect to your higher self and how to prepare for a healing session. You will learn about energy fields; auras, meridian lines and how these relate to other therapies, as well as grounding and how to protect your energies.

Letting Go of Attachments & Healing the Heart

The second module addresses the subject of chakras and how to balance and empower your chakras as well as how to use a pendulum for yourself and others. I will take you through how the heart centre works and how it impacts our entire wellbeing.

We will address how to allow love to come into your life and what it means to have an open or closed heart. I will introduce you to heart spheres, symbols and crystals, that can really help with healing the heart.

The Power of Ancient Symbols

Here we will cover the symbol hierarchy and the power of symbols to act as a language of intention to heal, transform and uplift your energy. You will learn how to use the symbols in your practice either with your clients, friends, and family, or for yourself. The symbols will help you to protect your energy, to release your addiction to past drama, to open your heart to love and much more.

Healing the Root Cause

As the title suggests, this module is all about how to locate the source of a problem, finding the underlying memory of trauma and the imprint from this lifetime or your past that is causing the emotional and mental issues you are dealing with now. We will address how to start and run a healing session.

This module also covers how to listen to the messages your physical body is giving you. Every pain has a spiritual cause. We also talk about false beliefs and negative thoughts you may have about yourself and how to shift them! We also learn about healing the problems you inherit your ancestors and DNA, soul contracts and how to increase soul energy and dealing with past life imprints.

Where Do I Sign?!

Well, it’s even easier than that – simply click on link and click the blue button to purchase the course. You will gain instant access and can work through the course as suits your own schedule.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up as a member of my community as yet there are some great benefits to be had! By signing up you will save 25% off all courses, 10% of shop items and have exclusive access to my Q&A area reserved for members only.

Membership also ensures you get more dedicated time, access to my webinar content archive and an invitation to my regular Club Zoom meet up.

Sign up here today for just £10 a month to become a member and save a fantastic 25% off your Spiritual Energy Healing Course!

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