Spiritual Spices, Flowers and Exotic Fragrances


Every birthday my dear friend Debbie Mulkern – Master of essential oils and nose extraordinaire gives me a voucher for a personal perfume. It’s a day I look forward to and I am always amazed how the oils I select for my perfume always have a strong message for the place I am in and the intention of where I want to be.

As well as creating a range of fabulous products including hand cream, bath gels and other personal products she runs Natural Perfumery workshops. I booked myself on one of these and had the most amazing time. It was a joy to meet up with other like-minded souls, who all like to smell good, want to be with natural products and enjoyed a day smelling tremendous plant fragrances.

Debbie gave us an introduction into the history of perfume and I felt myself whoosh back to Ancient Egyptian where the Pharaohs and High Priests liberally anointed each other with Jasmine, Myrrh and other exotic Eastern essential oils.

We heard how Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus’s feet at the Last Supper with Spikenard, that Laurel gives us courage and strengthens the masculine; representing valour to the Romans who used it in wreaths for their heroes. We learnt of the calming and meditative qualities of Frankincense and the protective powers of Rosemary both spiritually and physically as a boost to our immune system.

We then smelt our way through the zingy citrus range of the high notes of a perfume and personally I could have just stayed there revelling in my favourite Lemon, Bergamot and the wonderful May Chang. We then tried different middle notes from the flower and spice range and I whooshed my way with Rose Absolute, Linden Blossom, Lavender, Rosemary and Cardamom. I have found from my previous work with Debbie, that when I am in tune with a fragrance for a perfume or the intention for a blend I get a whoosh right through my body! Very helpful when there are so many delicious choices! Finally, we were given a range of base note fragrances that hold and secure the perfume giving it a longer life for our daily use. My favourite from these were Cedar, Fir, Vetivert and Patchouli and best of all a new one to Debbie’s range, the sweet Sugandha Kokila which she discovered on a recent trip to Nepal.

We then set about mixing our choices and tweaking the resulting individual notes – with the help of the expert nose, of course. Then after a few of us had some spillage, shaking hands using too many drops and other mix ups we got to make the final blend. The room smelt amazing by this stage and we were staggering around high on the blend of spices, flowers and exotic fragrances. Fortunately Debbie took over and mixed in the spring water and pure alcohol that turned our oils into usable perfumes.

It was a delightful day and I can’t wait for her promised Spiritual Perfumery workshop – I could actually be flying on that one!!

If you are interested in Debbie’s work you can find more details of her natural product range, including bath salts, shower gels, room sprays etc. and details of her workshops on www.newforestaromatics.co.uk or contact Debbie directly: debbie@newforestaromatics.co.uk. Her products and vouchers make fabulous gifts.

Love and hugs Anne xxxx

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