The Key to Your Heart


When we feel stuck or are stumbling through life’s challenges, we may feel powerless but in truth, we are far more powerful than we think we are. We can change an experience or relationship simply by acknowledging why we find it so painful and breaking down the doors to our hearts so that we can start to heal.

We need to find the key that unlocks the situations and hotspots that are somehow programmed by our past experiences and beliefs. In order to protect ourselves, in the past, we may have slammed shut the doors to our heart and as a consequence, we stop troublesome relationships from healing or allowing new, wonderful experiences in.

We can recognise and transform our pain points by acknowledging what makes us flare up. The magic is in recognising these hotspots and digging for their root cause. This recognition is an opportunity to heal ourselves. If something needs to change in our lives then it’s within us, within our power to alter it.

You might have a troublesome mother in law, for example. It’s possible to stop her energy affecting you. What is it about her behaviour that’s really bothering you? Or what about the fearsome boss or the toxic relationships that you can’t seem to help falling in to? These are issues that are coming up for healing and are ready to be transformed in to understanding. Whatever the issue at hand, you may still be playing the victim to it. This is often unfinished business whether created in this lifetime or potentially several lifetimes ago.

Recognising the state of your relationships is the perfect indicator to suggest what’s going on. How joyful do you feel? How open are you to life’s wonders? You may notice it’s late in the evening but you’re not fully embracing the joy of the sunset. How do people respond to you and what do they often say about you? Is this how you feel about yourself? Do you recognise it?

The first step for any change is in your intention. Hold your hands over your stomach. This is your Solar Plexus, a hugely significant energy source and no surprise that this is the yellow chakra as it’s also where we keep our fear stored. Acknowledge how you feel about yourself and your relationships. Clearly set the intention that you want to heal your heart and create new positive relationships with those around you.

Move your hands together in prayer position and place them in front of your heart. Now open them in a symbolic move which suggests that you are opening your heart to far better experiences. Do the same for your third eye and back down to your Solar Plexus. This physical movement will create shifts in your energy.

Ask yourself why you feel the way you feel. Acknowledging the reason behind your emotions will alter your perception of them and support change in your experiences. Any pain you feel now are a result of emotions that haven’t been dealt with. These are often formed in childhood when we haven’t had the mental resilience to sort through the feelings we had. We’ll often attract patterns around this and so it’s up to us to keep a keen eye on the sorts of relationships we tend to attract.

Past relationships can often still affect us. We may be still attached to our first love or feel the ramifications of a past hurtful relationship with our parents or friends long since gone. We have energetic cords attached to those people and breaking them is a key step in healing our hearts. We can cut the cords mentally by visualising those people and see them break off from us. It might be an expectation or feeling that we need to break away from. See those cords break and embrace how free you feel!

When we close the doors to our hearts, we often don’t acknowledge what it’s done to us. Be clear on the fact that your self-esteem and confidence has been dented. See that you don’t put yourself forward for opportunities or voice your own opinion. Make it your mission to reclaim the things that you’ve lost. Shout out loud that you ‘reclaim my voice’ or ‘take back my confidence’. You’ll be sending out a clear message to the universe and to yourself that you are ready to open your heart again. It’s the secret key to unlocking a whole new level of heartfelt happiness.

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