The Law of Attraction

I recently had a question from a You Tube viewer asking why her boyfriend attracts people just like him while she doesn’t? She said “if I want red apples I get yellow bananas!” This whole subject of the law of attraction and who we draw into our lives is interesting but not so straightforward as some would like us to believe!! After all if it was that easy a one liner would say it all, yet there are rows and rows of books on this subject! So let me give you my take on this.


As beings of energy we follow the rules of energy and there is no doubt that like attracts like. However, we have two sorts of magnets in us. The biggest and most effective is our heart centre. But this has to be open and healed to work at its best. If it is then all the love and all the positive things we intend for ourselves come about. Our thoughts would flow out to the universe and positive energy with them with no negative emotions like self-doubt, guilt etc. to sabotage them. But there is a snag! Of course! There is another sort of magnet and this is an imprint from a negative experience that we hold onto and this holds – naturally – negative vibes. These imprints act as magnets too but they draw in negative energies in the form of people and situations. These are the saboteurs that bring in the yellow bananas when we are wishing for red apples.

What to do? Well you need to take a two-pronged attack! Firstly, work on your heart centre – open your heart for a start as love is the healer and if your heart is closed to receive then the love you need won’t get in. Secondly, you need to heal those imprints that are spoiling things for you. These come from challenges that are actually meant to be teaching you something. If you don’t realise what the challenge was for then you will sit in blame and that just keeps those old magnets working even more effectively. Look back at the hurtful situations that still fester inside. Write down all you feel about them and the people involved – burn what you write and decide to let them go. Take a huge step from the blaming of yourself and others to seeing what was the lesson behind the challenge. Once you do this the imprint fades and loses its power as a magnet. Hurray!

Another benefit of clearing those old negative emotions and imprints is that they clear the way for you to be more connected to your higher self, your true self. These means you are in touch with your life purpose, your intuition and the love that is your true resonance.


So, develop your positive magnet – your heart and transform your negative ones – your imprints (wounds, scars etc) and you will be amazed what you can attract. It starts to work immediately so don’t leave this for another day start now! Just the determination and intention of healing and getting rid of the blame/imprint and getting the message sets the ball rolling.

Good luck

Big hugs Anne xxxxx

Ps Thanks Gabriel for your letter.

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