The Power we can get from a Sense of Humour

Every year we have a gathering, a party, a reunion with a number of friends who I have known for many years. This group has become known as our “French Crowd” not because of their nationality but because for twenty-five years this gathering was held in Brittany in France. Not only was this week-long party an opportunity to catch up with news and personal experiences but it become a time of great laughter. On our first night together we always had a fancy dress evening just to make sure we start off as we mean to go on! We laughed till we hurt, we laughed till we cried and we laughed at ourselves! For the last ten years or so we have had a second annual gathering in December, a Christmas party which is another explosion of laughter. We cannot get together in France any more but we still keep up our Christmas party and after all these years we still have plenty to laugh at. Old memories are revisited and the same event is laughed at again and again!

Laughter has many benefits including the releasing of pent up stress and anxiety and our group has used this to cope with many of life’s challenges including cancer, loss of loved ones, fears and worries about our children and so on.

Every side of life, every situation from war to loss can have moments that can give us a humorous take. So, my suggestion is for you to take another look at the worst situations you have gone through and see if you cannot extract at least one change of perspective and find the funny side. Share this with friends and see how it changes your feelings on the subject.

Laughter can release tension, negative emotions and give us courage to cope with life’s challenges

Laughter bonds us with friends and strangers – sharing a funny moment crosses all boundaries

Laughter gives us the chance to let go a negative memory and turn it into a positive to share

Laughter is infectious – it uplifts our spirits, our energy and those around us

Lots of love and lots of laughter to you. Anne xxxx

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  1. Thank you for a special time in the forest. I appreciated every moment. The drama, the music, the laughter and intensity. But mostly our connection to spirit and our faith in God.
    The conscious cafe was a special event!

  2. Thank you PETA. I just loved having you stay and share Conscious Cafe and the precious energies. Love and hugs to you xxxx

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