Twin Flames

twin-flameDear Anne,

I wanted to thank you for your newsletter received by email.

I have a twin flame question – I have met mine we are close but live apart as he is married and we have a 7 year old daughter together!
How complicated is that to start off with! As we have a link for our daughter and he sees her once a week, at times he will project his negativity onto me and also I feel like he is next door in the other room, so I am hearing and feeling all the good stuff and also the negative stuff. Sometimes I don’t know if what I am feeling is mine or his!? And maybe there is very little I can do about it, but accept and learn how to recognise what is his stuff. It’s too close for comfort and last time I did get suffocated and had a meltdown, it was all too much for me.

Do you have any thoughts or knowledge on this that could make me feel stronger, maybe I just need to man up and get on with it!

I wish you a speedy recovery and a smooth voyage as you shine your light out there in the world.

Spring is close by, yipppeee.
Best wishes

Dear Reader,

Thanks for bringing up this question because I am often asked is it me or is it them, in relation to negative energies. Of course, we are all affected by the energies of everyone around us all the time and often in a good way – just walk into a happy party or a stadium and feel yourself uplifted. However, we can avoid the worst of it and its also very empowering to take a sense of responsibility to keep our own energy clear. Here are a couple of ideas:

Whose energy is it?
If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed and you don’t know if this is coming from your own fears and imprint (issues) or whether from someone else there is one place where you can find out. Stand in the shower and then see how you feel? If the niggly voice is still in your ear saying negative things, or you still feel the same anxiety etc then it’s coming from yourself. If you feel better while the water cascades around you then it’s coming from an outside source. This is because the running water acts as a screen.

What to do?
Obviously a twin flame will affect you. As any twin has a special connection. But put out the intention that you are only open to positive thoughts and energies from your lover. Say it out loud several times a day. The shower is a good place for this too!

Protect yourself every day
My book Protect Yourself – ebook version from or book from my shop has many ways that you can use for sealing your aura and putting a boundary around yourself. As he is not doing this with bad intent the bubble with thick walls is a quick and easy one for you to visualise or say out loud “I am sealed by this thick bubble and negative emotions and feeling from…..bounce off the walls.”

I have created an on-line workshop on which is full of ways to protect your energy and to strengthen and uplift yourself. It includes youtubes and audio meditations.

So bless you, take the best of what this relationship offers, including the blessing of your daughter and find happiness in many different aspects of your life. This will make you stronger and more self-reliant. Try not to be needy of him – you planned your life this way and its probably a life lesson for you to find inner happiness and peace without dependency.

Loads of love Anne x and we can meet up again on the airwaves this month at the healing event. xxx

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