Which Spiritual Healing Course is Right for Me?

If you’ve been considering taking any of my courses, you may or may not be familiar with what I offer, to get you going on your spiritual healing journey. It’s important that you choose the right course to suit your requirements, so with that in mind I wanted to provide you a little more about what sets each of my key courses apart from one another.

I Want to Take Up an Energy Healing Course – What Are My Options?

The key courses I offer when it comes to spiritual healing are:

  • Introduction to Energy Healing
  • Healing Negative Energies
  • Spiritual Energy Healing

So let’s get stuck in and find out what it’s all about!

Healing Negative Energies

This course is all about finding balance in your life, learning how to be less affected by the negative energies that others can so easily put upon us.

Did you know, not only are we affected by those energies from relationships we consciously operate in, but we are also affected by mass consciousness? Each thought, feeling and attitude exists in the mass energy field, and it accumulates and hangs around – it would be madness to conceive that this does not affect us. And as we know, like attracts like, so the more you become affected by these negative energies, the more negative energies will be attracted to you.

So what can we do to eliminate, or at very least, ease the impact of negative energies in your life? This course is the perfect place to start.

We’ll address the aura and energy field and how to clear your aura, as well as how to protect yourself from the negative energies of others and how to clear negative energies from your home and/or workplace. We will address how black magic works and how to avoid psychic attack, as well as understand earthbound spirits and how to help them move on, uplift the energy and discourage visitors. And finally, we will also cover earth energies, from geopathic stress to lay lines, sacred sites, to how the human energies affect the earth.

The tools and techniques you will learn on this course are a great compliment to your energy therapy work, but are also perfect for those who are working on their own spiritual healing journey.

To get started on learning how to heal negative energies in your life, click here.

Spiritual Energy Healing

This course has been designed to heal yourself, other people in your life, or clients in the case of a professional – this is a great tool to add to your practitioner toolbox!

We enter this course looking at how to become open to channel, which is the very first step in allowing yourself to connect with the spiritual world. We look at how to let go of attachments that aren’t serving you and help with how to heal the heart. This course also uses the power of ancient healing symbols, so we cover how to incorporate these into your healing journey. And finally, we look at how to heal the root cause in order to move forward on your spiritual journey.

My courses are recorded, which means once you’ve purchased your course, you can get learning immediately. I do also hold live sessions for those studying my courses, so you will get real-time assistance throughout your learning as well.

To get started on my Spiritual Energy Healing Course, click here.

But Wait – Before You Buy!

Have you discovered my wonderful membership community? If you haven’t already checked it out, why not do so before you purchase your course?!

By signing up to my membership community you will benefit from a fantastic 25% discount off all online courses, as well as the following benefits:

  • 10% discount on all shop products.
  • 20% off Personal healing sessions with Anne.
  • Access Q&A area where Anne personally responds to your questions.
  • Access Webinar archive.
  • You will be invited to exclusive Q&A meet ups with Anne.
  • Healing Hub listing for healers, therapists, and other relevant entities.

To get started now, either head over to sign up for your membership, or go direct to the course!

I can’t wait to work with you on your healing journey – I’ll see you online!

Love and light,

Anne. xx

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