Why did we have the Pandemic?

PODCAST SHOW: Your Healing Path with Anne Jones | Series 1, Episode 22.

January 2022

It’s been some time since I shared my thoughts and views on this podcast channel due to Tony, my husband and I contracting Covid last October. Tony is vulnerable due to a poor immune system following Lymphoma cancer and chemo treatment. It was devastating for him, and he has been seriously ill, in and out of hospital several times with pneumonia and sepsis. I am delighted to say that he is now recovering well. I am also able now to focus back on my work and to take time to think about what has happened to me and to us all over the last two years.

Early on when the pandemic first hit, I had a difficult time with some of my friends who didn’t believe that the virus existed. From the painful fall-out of speaking my mind at that time I decided to keep quiet about my views and feelings and not share my thoughts publicly to avoid the divisive, contentious and upsetting dialogues that seem to ensue around this subject. When shared my disbelief that children were being abused in underground caves in California, or disagreed with the vilification of A listers in California I had such a backlash – “I can’t believe you haven’t woken up to what’s going on Anne”, and an outpouring of patronising attitude towards me so I decided to wait and see out the storm, keep positive , send love and healing to those suffering and keep my thoughts to myself.

However, now that I have weathered the storm of my own personal crisis and having been pushed to my limits emotionally, I can see the bigger picture more clearly, and I feel it’s time to share my version of the truth as I see it. I must emphasise that its only my personal beliefs and understandings that I share here and I accept that yours may well be different.

Firstly, I thought it would be useful to list the various beliefs that seem prevalent in our world surrounding the pandemic and then I will share my understanding and why.

  • The virus is not real and cannot kill or harm you. It is a lie created by governments who wish to use control and bring in measures that we would not be accepted otherwise. I don’t dispute that many governments have stretched the truth, hidden facts and figures over the years and been deceptive but, honestly – I have experienced the harm that the early versions of this virus can do and lost too many beloved friends to give that it doesn’t exist.
  • The vaccines are just an excuse for Big Pharma to make a killing (financial of course although I have heard rumours that the vaccines kill more people than the virus) – again sorry, my personal experience tells me otherwise. I am a believer in the value of vaccines simply because I have lived long enough to see the devastation and suffering caused by diphtheria, polio and measles and other diseases. I have been fortunate enough to have been immunised against these and the ravages of smallpox and other killers. I lost a baby due to rubella before a vaccine was available. I also heard that tiny cameras were being inserted into us when we are vaccinated!! Oh really!

I suspect that the discovery of some disgraceful behaviour by pharmaceutical companies in the past (and present too) are the cause of these rumours. They have lost the trust of many people, especially in the West. The opioid scandals in USA are just one example of their deception and manipulation for money. So I can understand scepticism and a level of distrust but the facts show that the virus is more harmful than the vaccines.

  • The pandemic is a psychic attack from the forces of darkness to destroy us. I have spent over 25 years clearing people of negative attachments, the effects of psychic attacks and battling demons so this one could have rung with some truth to me. I do believe that there has been a battle of light and dark that has not only affected our world but the world of spirit for some time. However, I don’t see the virus as a wholesale attack on humanity for its not discriminating – its not picking out the light workers, those that hold and share love and light, this virus is attacking anyone and everyone. Why would dark energy forces try to bring down their own acolytes? I do believe that the forces of darkness have been having a field day and fear is their magnet into our lives. But fear also has an important role for us – it puts us into a heightened state of survival awareness. It makes us run from danger and find ways to protect ourselves. Don’t think that because you caught Covid it was because you feared it! Of course, you did – it was a killer when it first arrived and you would have been foolish not to take precautions – whether in the form of supplements, keeping yourself isolated or by vaccination. But remember that the light is stronger than the dark and keeping a positive attitude and calling up your inner strength will disperse anxiety and help you get through this.
  • The Chinese created the virus in a laboratory and it either escaped or was deliberately sent out to the world, so that the Chinese could make more money from selling protective clothing, tests etc. Since the Chinese economy has been hit by the lack of trade I don’t believe this was a deliberate act by their government. I don’t have a view on whether the virus came from a lab or from the animals they treat so appallingly in markets. As they rarely give us the whole truth either could be true.
  • Nature fighting back. When the virus first appeared on the scene, my first thought was that it was a reaction from nature – Mother Earth, Gaia, balancing out the abuse and neglect she had received from the human race. David Attenborough vocalised his own views on this – “we are all in this together” and there will be another pandemic if we don’t do something about climate change.
  • This is getting closer to my current view. That we created the pandemic.

My present viewpoint is that we have created the pandemic to encourage us to heal, rethink how we want to live our lives, change our habits and to open our eyes and minds to the real situation of our place on Earth.  We are spiritual beings who have chosen to inhabit physical form and drop our vibrations to experience life in a dense and challenging environment. We meet the challenges of greed, envy, guilt, anger, grief, fear etc through our time on Earth. These emotions colour our experiences and heighten our senses and feelings and cause the wounding to our souls which in turn gives us further challenges. We can release the imprints/memories of these traumas through healing. We are often reluctant to acknowledge that we need healing until life hits us hard in the face or we are backed up against a wall with no way out. Then we start our spiritual journey of undoing the harm of our childhood, past lives and current abusive or unhappy situations. We start to see the results of our choices. We begin to move towards the light – choosing people who support rather than abuse us, work that fulfils our heart rather than filling our bank balance and finding a lifestyle that lifts us in every way. And so, it works with the collective consciousness of humanity. Humanity needs to heal and change its ways and therefore needed a challenge to make it do so, so created one.

Taken that all our choices come together through our spiritual connection, the choices that mankind has made will impact each one of us. The wounding of the mass consciousness of humanity will affect us all. We are also fully connected spiritually with Planet Earth’s spirit so her wounding will also affect us consciously and subconsciously.

The mass consciousness of humanity is just as slow to realise the need for healing as we are as individuals. You may have already realised that you cannot heal until you acknowledge that there is something wrong – that you are going around in circles repeating the same mistakes, attracting the same negative situations or people. Once you decide that you need to change then your intention to heal and to change kicks in. Intention is our powerbase as spiritual beings. Our great gift of free will and the ability to create are therefore magnified when the mass of us decides to change and will kick off a huge shift. We can see this has occurred in the past for countries and cultures – see the way the under privileged, the poor, those that are dominated and suppressed, always eventually rise up and create revolutions. These are consciously created shifts, but we are also capable of subconsciously starting these changes, setting ourselves up for healing. Our souls always look for healing and our Higher Selves will respond to this need by creating and attracting the challenges that bring our feelings and needs into focus. Most of us need a challenge to make us see that we need to heal. In our personal journeys divorce, illness or loss of employment are often key in the determination for change.

So, I believe the pandemic has been created by us, all of us, working together to create an environment and opportunity for change – to allow a shift in consciousness to allow us to wake up and see what we are doing to ourselves and our environment. People are already seeing nature differently, appreciating it – adopting dogs, going for walks, buying bikes and cycling as recreation etc etc. Campaigning for eco-friendly products, lifestyles etc. Even governments are responding to our desire for an eco-friendly existence, and we are seeing new rules and initiatives around a more eco aware way of life for us all.

That is the basis of my belief, that we created the pandemic. It is our way of keeping control of our survival. The other options – the other beliefs that come to me through social media as videos and messages from “doctors” or “scientists” that propound deep state manipulation and other conspiracies just take us down the road to believe we are losing personal power and control over our own lives. They are implying that we are VICTIMS of these hidden controllers. Are you a victim? Do you live your life as a victim? No of course not. What a ghastly vision. I know there is a section of humanity that is capable of great cruelty, deception, manipulation and control but when we give them the blame we give them the control. When we acknowledge that we are part of the creation of our lives then we are in control of our destiny, not some shadowy force.

When the pandemic began, I meditated on the conspiracy theories and my spiritual guidance told me to focus on my work, keep positive, keep loving, keep healing and to avoid engaging and becoming emotional about the media (I keep my time for the news to a minimum) and about the conspiracy theorists and their stories. One of the reasons I believe its important to keep focused is that by becoming engaged with the crossfire of theories we are allowing ourselves to become divided. I see at the moment that the free thinking spiritual movement in the world, (that started with the New Age movement),  has been brought into disarray and there is anger and division amongst those of us who are meant to be here bringing peace, light, love and role modelling an inclusive, accepting and loving way of being. But we are in danger of turning into a judgemental culture – just like all the religions and spiritual belief systems before us that we propose to despise.

I feel its of utmost importance that we keep focused on our life purpose, allow the words and beliefs of others that do not match our own, to go over our heads. To do everything we can to stay close, connected and together rather be pulled apart, because I truly do believe that there is a psychic attack going on from the dark forces and it is doing its best to split us up and weaken us in our role of bringing light.

I know that the light is winning and it will win any battle but we have to be realistic, we have to have our feet on the ground and respect everyone, including ourselves, and accept that we have been abusive the planet. We need to learn our lessons quickly or another pandemic will occur, after all, if Gaia didn’t want us here any more she could toss us off in a nano second as a rhino can clear a flea!! Fortunately, many of our children are special souls that are leading us in the right direction and we will have great help from them in the future.

Every action has a consequence, that is our karma. We need to create the world we wish to live and give to our children. And remember we are creators. Our intentions and will are extraordinarily powerful and we can ride out this pandemic but we have to learn our lessons and make the changes in our personal lives and as a mass otherwise our consciousness will create more challenges and cause more suffering to get our attention.

Let’s all meditate on the positive changes that the challenge of the pandemic has brought both in the world and in our own lives. And also on the changes you would like to see in your own life. More love and care for yourself, maybe? I have certainly found great inner strength as my own personal circumstances have pushed my emotions to the limit. I am an  optimist and I hold a vision of a New Era for our world, of a time of love, respect and inclusivity; I believe the pandemic has speeded up the move in this light and bright direction. I see technology taking us further and further down the road of connectivity, allowing us to have discourse with peoples from many cultures and situations that opens us to great understanding, tolerance, compassion and love for “strangers” and people of different backgrounds and beliefs. I truly believe in a brighter future for humankind and our planet. If we all hold this vision we can create it into reality.

I know that we will never allow ourselves to be victims and that we can turn adversity into strength. I know that when we dig deep we find the most amazing powers within us. Powers of healing, recovery, love, manifestation, and creativity.  I see that we are coming out of this difficult era being greater than we went into it.

Love and hugs Anne xxx

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