Why is he so Angry?

I bought your book healing negative energies? I think about 10 years ago and was very impressed by many of the things you said.
I am hoping you can help me as I don’t know what to do any more, I have tried everything.

I got divorced 6 years ago from my ex husband(we have 2 daughters together) (he got involved in drugs and prostitutes).
Not long after I met my present husband. I fell very deeply in love with him so much so that although I was struggling financially I loved my life in the city where I grew up but moved 11 hours drive to a tiny village to be with him. We were so in love (I think we still are) and we got married and had a son together, who is now 4 years old. My daughters are 16 and 12. He is a brilliant father to my son.

Not long after we moved my husband turned against my girls and is a typical emotional abuser. He is very controlling and looks for any reason to be nasty mean and punish them. They can’t do anything right whether it the way they talk, walk, eat or sit. We fight so much because of this. My girls are really good girls and try very hard to not make him angry but also have had enough and now stand up to him. I have tried everything to make him see how unfair he is but he just gets angrier and more spiteful.

I can’t leave him because my ex-husband destroyed mefinancially. Also if I leave my husband will make sure I don’t get custody of my son and will not give my son up. I don’t know what to do anymore. This immense stress is making me physically ill and I am anxious all the time.

Thank you

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your letter, you appear to be affected by a problem that occurs in step family situations and causes a lot of grief and suffering.

When I connect to the energy of your husband I can feel a deep seated fear and anxiety. It’s almost like a pain in his solar plexus. I believe this is the root of his emotional problem with the girls. It is so strong I doubt if he can control it – which certainly seems to be the case from what you say. I would suspect this comes from a past life and has also been played out in this lifetime too. It seems like a jealousy and a fear of great loss and he seems to be seeing the girls as the threat. When a man feels weak and this energy makes him weak, then he is likely to resort to bullying which is a way of making himself feel stronger. Did he have problems with sisters in his childhood? Was he bullied himself?

I am not allowed send healing to release this scar/wounding/imprint that he holds without his permission but I can help with the impact its having on your lives. I doubt if you will get his permission so would need permission from the girls to clear the karma between them and their step-father and to send healing to their relationship with him. I can also send healing to the impact this is having on you and your relationship with him. Let me know whether I can go ahead with this healing. Let’s try it at a distance first then if we need to you can book a telephone healing and we can do it that way.

In the meantime I suggest you put the girls into a strong protection (there are a number of ways you can do this and I have written a small book Protect Yourself. If the girls can do this for themselves so much the better.

Anne xxx

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