Your Spiritual Energy Healing Course – The Best Investment for Your Healing Journey

You don’t have to be a healing therapist of any kind to attend my courses! Sure, you can apply what you learn with your customers and complement other therapies with these techniques, but what about you?

Many of you reading this feature, will follow spiritual energy healing for your own self development, self-improvement or to simply understand how spiritual energy healing works. The best bit about this course, is not only is it great to share with others when you are able to practice and share the techniques, but it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. This is a great tool to help move your spiritual healing journey forward, particularly if you are experiencing energetic blocks in any area of your life.

My Spiritual Energy Healing Course contains 4 guided modules, which cover a series of seminars, and walk you through some case studies to lend context and help further develop your understanding of the techniques I am teaching. I guide you through meditations, which you can take away and integrate into your life, and we will also work through some practical exercises.

So what can you expect to see in each of the modules? Here is a taster to see if it’s for you:

Module 1

Named ‘Opening to Channel’, this module will break down how you go about channeling those healing and transforming energies. We address how to shake off negative energies and we learn the practice of sweeping. This helps to rid any stress or anxiety and will show you how to tune into a higher frequency that will aid your transformation and healing journey.

I’ll teach you how to prepare for a healing session on yourself, or someone else, as well as teaching you how to connect to your higher self. We’ll look at spirit guides, energy fields, auras, meridian lines, as well as grounding.

These are all fundamentals of your spiritual energy healing journey.

Module 2

Module number two, ‘Letting Go of Attachments & Healing the Heart’ turns to the topic of chakras. I show you how you can balance and empower your chakras. I’ll teach you how to use a pendulum in your self-healing and I’ll help you understand how the heart centre effects our holistic wellbeing.

This module also covers how to attract love into your life. Heart spheres, symbols and crystals can also be very powerful in making space for love to come into your life, so I will show you how to incorporate those elements into your self-practice.

Module 3

In module three, ‘The Power of Ancient Symbols’, I take you through the hierarchy of the symbols and how the symbols can help you transform, heal and elevate your energies. I’m passionate about protecting your own energy, so we will look at how the symbols can help you to do so, as well as how to let go of any historical drama to be able to open your heart and move forward.

Module 4

When we consider ‘Healing the Root Cause’, the title of this module, we are focusing on the source of an issue to understand the underlying memory of trauma and the imprint from this lifetime or your past that is causing the emotional and mental issues you are experiencing.

The physical body is great at giving you messages to help you understand where the problems lie – I’ll be showing you how this might manifest and teaching you what to look out for. Physical pain will always have a spiritual cause, so making that connection is essential to your wellbeing.

This module will also address shifting false beliefs and negative thoughts for your best success! We also learn about healing the problems you inherit your ancestors and DNA, soul contracts and how to increase soul energy and dealing with past life imprints.

Start My Healing Journey!

Getting started on my Spiritual Energy Healing Course couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is click on the link and head over to the blue button to sign up. Once your payment has been processed, you will be able to sign into the learning hub immediately and start your healing journey!

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Membership will also give you more dedicated time, access to my webinar content archive and an invitation to my regular Club Zoom meet up.

You can get started here  for just £10 a month and save a fantastic 25% off your Spiritual Energy Healing Course!

I can’t wait to see you in the community!

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  1. Hi Ann,
    This SHC sounds very interesting for me to do, as i have issues going on at the moment

    I have a skype session with you on Tuesday Morning, so I will ask if you think i should do this
    Course to help me help myself ?

    Look forward to talking tuesday

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