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healing symbolHello Anne Namaste!

I saw you have a Healing Symbol Pendant in your website and I just wonder how different is this for other Healing Symbols like for example the one they use to Reiki which has both Close and Distance Healing?

Also if I may ask what is the name of this symbol for my further researching about its origin and power.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours,

Michael R.

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for your letter – sorry for the delay in responding as I have been travelling. I was given this symbol by my spirit guide some 20 years ago. I have used it and thousands of my students have also used it for invoking the universal energies of love and compassion. The energy I work with mostly is the Divine Mother energy. The symbol calls in the frequency that is most suitable for the healer and the recipient. The energies come through the hands as in Reiki but can be used hands off. I use this with another symbol for distant healing. All my symbols are in a small e-book available on Smashwords – www.smashwords.com Heal and be Healed by Anne Jones.

I have used the symbols in my published books (Piatkus) and also in my workshops and seminars.

I am a Reiki master and I have found that this symbol allows the user to develop and utilise their own natural healing abilities. There are no rules and no secrecy and can be shared with everyone for the symbols will only work with good intent by the user. You simply have to draw it in the air three times then the energies will come through the palms of your hands. You can then place them on or near the patient (other than directly over the physical heart). There is no timing and your own intuition will take over.

The symbol is similar to others used universally. A client of mine in Singapore said her family (Muslim) had been placing that symbol on their children’s forheads for generations. The symbol is also similar to the Fish of the Early Christians – on its side. Upside down similar to the Breast Cancer and also Aids Awareness logos.

Enjoy using the symbol and do so with my love

Anne xxx

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  1. Uma
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    Greetings Anne,

    i am somewhat spatially challenged. Would be grateful if you woykd clarify this for me. When it says to draw a symbol.from right to left, is it always with your to the right sixe of your body, regardless of whether you are drawing it facing you if you are drawing it on your own body? When we are facing someobe, their right is our left, and their left our right. I am very much looking forward to receiving your clarification Thank you,

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