Healing for being Unlucky or Cursed

I need to know why i am always unlucky? why the man i loved for seven years was not loyal to me? I am from a poor family, i need a large amount of money for my mother’s kidney operation and I am unemployed. every time i try to make something good happen in my life or for my family I always fail. why there is no happiness for me and my family? sometimes I feel like we are living with a curse. please help me.
I hope to be in touch with you soon.
Thank you.


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  • Dearest Anne,
    I’m Sue Mah who used work for a disabled children foundation in Ipoh (I’m living in Canada now) when you so generously came to help the mothers of the children. I was the one who organized it with your staff and has been your follower since. I don’t know if you remember me but you came to my house for dinner once and you spoke to the Goddess of Mercy who was in my house. Anyway, I came across this video on my Facebook feed and it was like a calling because I’m now suffering from gastrointestinal ailment which is not healing. I received your healing energy and want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me through your videos and your books. I strongly believe that my ailment stem from a prediction from 20 years ago from a fortune teller who said that I’ll be at peace at 53 years old. With that prediction I’ve always harboured in me that that is all the years I will have and my fear manifested inside me all those years and build up till now. I just turned 53 in August and my ailment started two weeks prior to my birthday. Desperate, none of the meds worked. But I have found your healing again. I hope you can help me. I know you can help me. Please tell me what to do to get rid of this thought. Your healing in this video has given me energy to write to you. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life.

    Please take care and stay safe!

    Lots of love

  • Dear Sue
    I do remember you and I remember that you moved to Canada. I am so sorry that you have been feeling so poorly. May I suggest that you book an online personal healing session with me and we can explore the cause of your problem. Online sessions are surprisingly effective – even more so than physical meet ups. You can find my automatic booking system on my website https://annejones.org/healing-with-anne/
    In the meantime I am sending you love and healing to clear the programming that has set into your consciousness.
    Much love and so happy that you have found me again, I look forward to seeing you soon. Big hugs Anne xxx

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