Tackling Negative Energy in Your Business

Running your own business can be stressful at the best of times so you want the atmosphere of your work place to uplift you rather than bring you down or drain your energy. The energy of your company is created not just by your marketing and brand promotion but also by the thoughts and emotions of you and your employees and the vibrations you create will affect the way your customers feel about you.

Here are some tips to help you keep the atmosphere of your work place light and uplifting and to help you and your staff to stay energised and positive even through the most stressful and challenging times!

Managing emotions
No matter how well you know your business and how cool your nature there will be times when you are pushed into frustration and anger. My husband has just spent three weeks attempting to open a new business account with the bank he has used for 40 years and I have watched his normal laid back temperament explode into a series of fiery explosions. He is lucky as he works from home and can take a tot of something calming but you will need to resort to a more natural approach!

Here is how extreme emotional states affect your energy field.

When you get angry and lose your temper you send out quite violent waves of energy that actually zap not only the person in the firing line but also everyone around you. You may be stimulated immediately after an outburst but after you have been through any emotional upset you will find your own energies drop and you will most likely feel quite exhausted by the end of the working day.  So try to stay as calm as you can no matter what or who rattles your cage. Here are some ways you can manage your energy field and your emotions:

  • Prepare yourself

Be aware of what and who pushes your buttons and make a conscious decision to stay calm no matter what.  When you are about to make a difficult phone call, breathe deeply four times and drop your shoulders.

When your know you could feel threatened by difficult customers, slow suppliers, irritating staff or any direct interaction with a challenging person you need to get into a bubble –  and seal your energy field to prevent their vibrations from upsetting you.

Visualise yourself stepping into an egg-shaped bubble that has thick walls that act as a seal against other people’s negative energies. Know that only positive energy can enter.

  • Don’t take it personally

Many of the people who upset you are just venting their own personal feelings and issues or are just processing the dictates of their employers; most often they do not get out of bed with the intention of spoiling your day. So when you are faced with irrational responses remind yourself that this is not personal and imagine that you are DUCKING to allow their energy blast to go harmlessly over your head.

  • Responding positively

If you have been upset by the behaviour of a client, supplier or staff member try to have a cooling down time, wait before you fire off the email or bite of the head of the other person. We all respond to attack and they may retaliate and then you will be drawn into a battle of personal energy power with each of you trying to get the upper hand. This will lower your vibrations and those of everyone near you.

Your emotions create clouds of negative energy in your aura (energy field) and you can clear these by using your hands to comb through the air around you. You will be surprised how effectively this will make your feel lighter.

Managing the Atmosphere of your Workplace

All our thoughts and their accompanying emotions hang around us after we leave, which is why you can often sense if something upsetting has happened in a room. I visited a house once that had been an inn years ago and the last location in England where a fatal duel had taken place. Every time I went into the room where the duel had been fought the hairs on my arms stood up and I felt shivers down my back. The current owner of the house told me that it wasn’t just people who picked up the negative vibes imprinted in the room but every dog that went in there pooed on the carpet! So it’s really important to clear the energy of your workplace regularly to ensure that the thought forms (the clouds of energy that are created by our emotional thoughts) created by yourself, customers or staff are dissipated and cleared.

  • Fragrances that clear

Certain plants have the effect of clearing and uplifting energy. You can burn essential oils, incense sticks, herbs or candles. Sandalwood, frankincense and sage will transform the energies; peppermint and lime will clear and uplift and lavender will calm the atmosphere. For an instant lift spray the office with a mix of spring water and peppermint, sage and juniper.

  • Fresh flowers and plants

The energy of live plants and flowers always lift the energy of a room.

  • De-clutter

Corners or cupboards filled to overflowing with out of date pamphlets, stock or rubbish of any kind will lower the vibration of the room. Get rid of anything past its sell by date or just not needed.

Positive practices

There are always choices about the way we present ourselves to our colleagues – either with a smile or scowl, with a happy morning face or a grumpy complaining one. You can set a standard for the workplace that encourages a light approach, a friendly smile and supportive and noncritical attitude. When things get tough and they certainly will as the VAT bill will come in, the bank will be uncooperative, the legislation will be onerous, make sure that everyone has a chance to vent their feelings in a non-combative manner. Have a complaints book for you as well as the customers as writing down your feelings is a harmless and positive way to release frustrations and anger. I find it really helpful to write furious letters then to tear them up or better still to burn them.

The responsibilities you carry, often on your own, as the owner of a business can be onerous and energetically these burdens will sit on your shoulders like huge boulders. When you feel your neck and back aching take time out to sweep away the burdens on your shoulders by sweeping your own shoulders and arms and flicking away the heavy energies. As you do this you are setting the intention of releasing the burden and clearing your energy field.

And most important of all, take time, even when there is chaos raining, to step back and look at the bigger picture, calm down, breath and smile! Finally, keep asking yourself if this is what you really want and are you working in the environment of your choice. My most successful businesses have been created when I have been doing what I love.

For further help with managing negative energies read my books Healing Negative Energies published by Piatkus, available on Amazon or from my shop on www.annejones.org.

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