When to Fold and when to Draw

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There will be a time when you wonder if it’s worth pursuing a dream, a goal or whether it would be better to give up, give in and try another path.

Have you had a time in your life, or you may even be there now, when you despair of ever getting to your goal, fulfilling your dream or finding the right path that suits you? I most certainly have had times when I have wondered if all the effort to achieve something is worthwhile. When life becomes a struggle and the path is constantly uphill with setbacks way outnumbering the successes. When do you know whether it’s better to pack up and try something else altogether or whether to have another push forward?

Life Purpose?
Your guiding light is the plan you made for this lifetime based on what you wanted to learn and what you wanted to achieve for yourself and others. We normally have the gifts and skills that suit us for our life purpose.Generally speaking if something is nothing but a struggle then it is a sign that you are not doing what really suits you, or that you are doing it in a way that doesn’t suit you best. However, there are times when to achieve a goal you need to remember old skills used in past lives or you need to learn new skills. The learning of these skills may take you along a part of your path that seems difficult and bumpy, with lots to learn and understand. Any lesson can have its tough moments especially if we put up a struggle against it! One of my life choices was to learn to type when I was still at school so instead of going to university I chose to do a commercial course of book-keeping, typing and shorthand. This was a direction that my parents encouraged as their focus was on security rather than mind expansion for me – probably realising that an academic career would have been an even greater struggle for me! Anyway whatever the reasons I ended up learning how to type and to balance the books. At the time I found it dull and uninspiring – I wasn’t a natural and it wasn’t easy for me but the skills learnt then have proved incredibly useful later in life when my passion and my desire led me to write books. How much easier this task was with my typing skills in action.

My path took me down the road of IT specialist – we called it being in computers in those days. Again not a perfectly natural fit when I took the role of computer programmer but when I had the chance I moved into teaching in UK and overseas which suited me well. The skills I acquired have proved a God send in my role of international spiritual teacher and now I use modern technology to pass on my messages and even the healing energies – more or less without fear!

What is your life Purpose?
So how do you know if the part of your path that is a struggle is one that will help you to fulfil a bigger and greater dream later on? Well, from my experience you will remember your dream, you will be awoken to your life purpose, you will be fired up by a passion when the time is right. No amount of meditating and inner seeking will answer the question if you are not ready for it. Also remember that your spiritual journey, your life purpose starts from the moment you are born – even before in many cases. Everything you do is an opportunity to fulfil the task or learning, growing, expanding your consciousness and shining your light for yourself and others. Some of us are here to support others, some of us have an agenda that requires stepping forward alone but whatever we are here to do it will be the passion that burns inside that will spur you on.

Your passion is the key. If you are passionate about your job, your hobby, you role then you will find the resources deep inside to continue no matter what the obstacles. My friend Barbara Cox is a good case for this. She is a nutritionist who had a dream of having her own business to supply to people’s homes healthy and tasty food. She has struggled to make the business pay through the challenging times of our recent recession and there have been many a time where she was ready to throw in the towel, to surrender and give up her dream. But with support from friends and family and with her own passion burning away inside her she has overcome obstacle after obstacle, modifying her way of working and finding ways that that more and more suit her and personality and style. She is now flying and opportunities and new customers are coming her way every day.

Often the struggle comes because we are not listening to our bodies and our own inner guidance. Often it’s because we take on too much or try to reach our goal without heeding the signs that tell us that we are pushing on closed doors. I suggest that if one door doesn’t open try another. If the passion burns then keep pushing on doors but don’t spend too much energy trying to force the door down. From my experience you get to know inside, if you are really honest with yourself, when the door will open with a few determined pushes or when it’s a no go, a dead end. Check if you are pushing because of pride or obstinacy or if you really believe that this is the right way for you.

When I was younger I had the energy to keep running down blind alleys in my quest to find the best way forward. Now I sit and more wisely consider which is the route that will get me there with the least amount of effort? Don’t leave it so long as I have to get wise! Let your passion guide you but also listen to your common sense and make sure you don’t burn yourself out just to prove yourself right – check all the time to see if your route suits you and listen to yourself – if it doesn’t suit ask yourself is this really right for you? Is there an easier and lighter way? Is this a real match for your dream?

And finally, remember, if you don’t feel the passion, do not despair. You are here to give a helping hand, to learn about love and to shine your light without a struggle on yourself and the people you meet. You are here to shine your light not to absorb darkness – so much of the struggle is the darkness you absorb from others. Check all the time is this your path you are walking or have you strayed onto another person’s road?

If you find you blocked and know you have a passion that is hidden behind fear or confusion you may benefit from a personal healing session to clear the way forward. Contact me via brenda@annejones.org to book a session. Full details are on my website www.annejones.org Healing with Anne.

Big hugs lots of love.
Anne xxx

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2 Responses

  • Evening Anne

    Just read your article above.
    I found it very thought provoking – leaving me with questions to address. I understand as you say that being off track/life purpose can leave you frustrated and weighed down. I’d like to believe I will recognise my life purpose at this Autumn phase in life. Thank You.

  • Thank you Yvonne. Covid has given us the gift of time to contemplate – not for everyone I know, but many of us have been in a form of retreat and a chance to look at our options and our direction. Whatever direction you choose – let it be led by your heart – by far less chance of regret later – so I believe!
    love Anne xxx

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