When to Fold and when to Draw

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There will be a time when you wonder if it’s worth pursuing a dream, a goal or whether it would be better to give up, give in and try another path. Have you had a time in your life, or … Read More

I gave away my Protection Pendant

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Hi Anne, Recently, i went to Italy and was in this leather shop to shop for a jacket. The owner is a man in his late 40s and was very interested in the protection pendant with the horus eye that … Read More

A Lesson in Attachment

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Yesterday, for the first time in ages my husband Tony took our dogs for a walk without me. This wasn’t an act of rejection! All morning it had been pouring with rain, in fact, throwing down sheets of water and … Read More

Black Magic

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Hi Anne, Ever since some people came to my house July 2013, I have been having constant attacks. I was told that the guy named John put black magic around the house. They had access to my house through an … Read More

Anne Jones – October 2014 Newsletter 1

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Dear Member, I am now in the beautiful and relaxed surroundings of the retreat space in Lincolnshire. I am finding with every day that passes, this new work of focusing on heart spheres and healing the spheres of the heart … Read More

Being at my Door

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Hello Anne, About 7 years ago there was a being at my door ( I was just moving back to Florida) who posed as a healer and this being had Aspergers Syndrome. He was 53 at that time. After talking … Read More

A Question of Love Spells

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Hello Ms. Jones, I believe I was guided to your blog page and You Tube videos today. I have silently prayed for someone to help me in my spiritual journey for some time now (especially since my Mother’s death in … Read More

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