Make time for your relationships

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Modern life is juggling act but it is important to make time for your relationships. We have to share out our time in order to satisfy the needs and demands of our family, our partners, friends, work, hobbies, children and … Read More

A Smell of Smoke

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Hi Anne, I hope this email finds you well. For some time I can smell smoke in my home. I just assumed it was from the neighbours upstairs. However, the smell has been getting stronger, like the smell of smoke … Read More

Love, but Don’t Fix

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One of the biggest traps for the unwary spiritual traveller is in the desire to assist others we step off our path onto theirs. We break a spiritual law when we delve too closely into someone’s life and re-organise, take … Read More

Do’s and Don’t’s for a Flatter Tummy

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Do’s chew properly to help aid digestion and release all of the correct digestive juices eat non-wheat flours like rye, spelt, rice and oat try non dairy alternatives like soya milk, oat milk, almond milk, rice milk and quinoa milk. … Read More

Anne Jones – August Newsletter 2014

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Dear Member, The British summer time this last week seems to have given way to early autumn rather abruptly! I hope that wherever you are you are keeping dry and warm. If you have not seen the note on this … Read More

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