Do’s and Don’t’s for a Flatter Tummy

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Do’s chew properly to help aid digestion and release all of the correct digestive juices eat non-wheat flours like rye, spelt, rice and oat try non dairy alternatives like soya milk, oat milk, almond milk, rice milk and quinoa milk. … Read More

Anne Jones – August Newsletter 2014

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Dear Member, The British summer time this last week seems to have given way to early autumn rather abruptly! I hope that wherever you are you are keeping dry and warm. If you have not seen the note on this … Read More

Meditation and Symbols

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Dear Anne, I’ve just finished one of your books – Heal Yourself – which I bought a few years ago. Im not sure why I bought it then. Until the last few days when I finally started to read it … Read More

The only thing worse than a broken heart

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Sometimes, the words don’t come. I will and I will and I will myself to sit down and write the words — any words — but even the sitting down is heavy and hard. That ‘sometimes’ can last for months; … Read More

My Mother Passes On

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My mother had been ill for some time when she died aged 93 on 11th July this year. Apart from sharing the news I have taken a while to assimilate the experience before sharing my feelings with you but I … Read More

Being Pure (& a Little Bit Cross!)

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Living a more spiritual existence, being pure and all the things recommended to assist you to do that is, in my belief, absolutely right. There are so many articles, blogs, quotes and inspirational things to prod us in the right … Read More

Protection in Hospital

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I recently had a letter from a client whose daughter was about to go into hospital for an operation, she was asking my advice on protection in hospital, how to clear the room, if she should use sea salt and … Read More

How to Open Your Third Eye

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Hi Anne, Please help me. I am willing to do healing and open my third eye. Kalyani Dear Kalyani, I don’t think there is anyone who has started to develop their spiritual awareness who has not at some time asked … Read More

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