A Dream

Just about two nights ago I had a dream that my daughter and I were at someone’s house and it was like a ball with balconies on both sides. We were at the balcony and admiring the sky which appeared to be the universe, I saw galaxies and the milky way. It was an amazing sight. Then on my Facebook today I saw the pictures that I dreamt and it said about realignment. What does it mean, is there any significance relating to what I dreamt?… Read More

Managing a Narcissist, Selfish, Needy or Jealous Mother

I like your work very much.
I do not know whether you can suggest anything for me, but I am tired of feeling like this – it has gone on for years.
I would not normally believe in curses but after years of being around my mother I realise her aim in this life is to cause me as much suffering as possible. I have always likened the situation similar to being around 25 jealous women and like you are in deep water kicking vigorously trying to keep your head above water.… Read More

Negative karma and past influences

Today I’d like to ask you about a very difficult matter; my “dad” in a past life was like a necromancer and tried to kill me and my mum multiple times and used dark rituals; in this life he’s trying to destroy us and during the week he “hooks” and brings in very huge demonic entities that Angels and Archangels deal with every week to protect us. … Read More

Financial Distress and Abundance Issues

I’m from Singapore and saw the healing videos and would like to seek help. I am in deep financial distress.
I’ve been looking for a decent job for almost 3yrs and my family members are each having their own deep issues too mostly finance related.
I just can’t seem to improve my situation and seriously think something is blocking my progress.
I really need help so that I can give my 3 young kids a bright future.
Are you guys able to help me find out my problem?… Read More

Stuck in a rut and looking for your life’s purpose

Hi Anne. I am not happy with my profession as a teacher. I started off loving it but with the current system in Malaysia where they are coming up with constant negative changes that emphasizes data collection I am so disillusioned. Anne I feel I’ve some kind of mission to accomplish. I love to serve the community but I’m tied down cos of fear. In a nutshell l I need to discover my vocation. Thank you Anne.… Read More

Family Attacked by Negative Energies

Anne My Family Is Being Cursed By A Woman That Hates Us She Went To Mexico Just To Find A Man And Put Hate And Negativity She Wants My Mum And My Dad To Separate And My Mum To Die Ill She Just Had A Baby And I’m 13 And I Also Have A Little Sister Named Celeste I Don’t Know What To Do. I’m Scared I Don’t Want To Loose My Dad or My Mum Their Too Young It Brings Tears To My Eyes.… Read More

Physical psychic attacks at night

I am a 38 year old male. I have been suffering from the following problems for last 15 years.
Whenever I sleep, an unknown body comes and attacks me, I scream a lot but nobody listens to me, I feel someone is hugging me, my legs, arms or whole body jerk the moment I fall into sleep. It happens with me from time to time for last 15 years.… Read More

Moving On

Hi Anne, I am going through a divorce and am struggling to move forward. I am trying to look for a job but haven’t been successful yet. Am I looking in the right place? I feel that without an income I cant put my house on market and settle things with my ex an thus move forward.
Any advice would be appreciated.… Read More

Managing Life Changing Events & Long Term Illness

I am 55 and suffer from MS. Are there any life changes for me that can make my life easier? There has been hardship with relationships and I have lost several friends the last year. I feel I am not understood and therefore I need to create a new platform. What to do with my life, I feel blocked. I have to sell my flat and start settling down in another city. Thank you.… Read More

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