Reunite My Family

I am a Singaporean currently leaving in France. I met my wife 8 years ago. We got married on 19 Oct 2013. My wife is a French. Our marriage was greatly opposed by my wife’s parents especially her mother.… Read More

When Luck Changes and Misfortune Comes

I am 40 years old, and for most my life I have been very lucky, my mom would say I could charm the birds out of the sky. But thru mistakes of my own, I ended up in prison. I served my time and was very lucky to have found good work after as that is not usually the case with someone with a felony record. My mother got cancer and died quickly in 2013. Since then I fell off, lost my faith and lost my way.… Read More

Resistance and barriers on your path

I have worked in a corporate role for 31 years and since March I have felt uncomfortable and constrained in my work environment. It feels harsh, competitive and I’m beginning to feel depleted. I am a qualified life coach and reiki level 1 qualified at the beginning of August. I feel a stronger pull to connect with my intuition to meditation and to bring healing and love into the world. I’d like to set up my own holistic therapy business and to find paid work that energises me and I feel helps people.… Read More

Healing Path

Dear Anne, I have similar issues, but I don’t know where and who it is coming from. I’ve been healing, clearing, shielding myself for years now, working with Angels, Saints, Masters, but it all just don’t seem strong enough to make it go away for good. It all seems to help short term for, but not long term. I have been doing your healing sessions & all your videos regularly and shield myself every day, but I am at a point where I cant deal with any people any more and live a lonely isolated life, just to protect myself and have my peace & quiet. … Read More

Healing Pain

Dear Anne, thanks for healing today through your Facebook page. It feels uncomfortable as the things that no longer serve me must rise to the surface before they are released. On your Facebook page, can you explain why this happens? With gratitude and love.… Read More

Negative karma and past influences Part 2

I have just been reading your blog Negative karma and past influences and the question section and want you to know it is fantastic. I have a question I would like to ask if that is ok. Several years ago I had a terrible time which I think was very karmic and I learnt many lessons. … Read More

After Effects of Healing

Is it normal to get a very bloody period after a workshop like that we had?
I got my period on Sunday… 14 days too early… And very bloody. And I have also had a kind of pain in the area around my neck and shoulder on the right side.
I have also had a strange dream tonight.… Read More

Nature Spirit Energies can affect you

When things go wrong in our lives and we feel down, depressed and under par you may first look inside yourself to see if it’s something you have done. Then you look to see if anyone around you is affecting you. Then maybe you consider the state of the planets and see how they may be affecting you. At the moment there are massive planetary energies that are affecting most of us – I keep crying for no apparent reason and have a strong sense of change and shift around me. … Read More

Good relationships

I need your advice. I find it difficult to build good relationships with other people of late. I feel like I am boxed in and blocked in many strange ways. I did not have this problem when I was younger. I tried to console myself that maybe I lack the people skills but lately I feel there may be more to my problem than people skills. Could there be any blockage from the psychic sense? If so, how do I clear this blockage? I lived in Indonesia before and am living in Malaysia. (These two places are known for their black magic.)
This is affecting me.
Please advise.… Read More

How do I help my son?

I fear that my son has been cursed and will come to a really bad and scary end.
How can I help my son? He does not believe in curses and will not do anything for him self. Is there any way I or his mother can help him. I and my wife are separated and don’t live together.
Thank you for your time.… Read More

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