Resist Temptation

Dear Anne, thank you so much for being here for us all these years. My question is very simple, How to resist temptation ? Entities are often putting a lot of pressure on me as I try to move forward and upward. And I sometimes find it hard to resist temptation… little tiny things but not good ones……. Bless you Anne for your love and beauty…… Read More

Healing the past

I am an Italian girl, I’m 27 years old. I am desperate, my life is ruined.
I would ask if it is possible through astral travel to go back into the past and take possession of my young past body and remain there in that new timeline forever to change the past without coming back into this current time and body?… Read More

Problems with family members

I’m a relationship at the moment but I have had several spirit readings and they have come out telling me that my partner’s mother is controlling him and me in every way possible through sending bad energies to make our relationship fail. She has put bad luck on me and a black energy so that no good will come my way. My partner does not believe his mother is harming us.… Read More

Question about Psychic Attack

Earlier today, I made an exclusive healing request for my daughter, following a recent healing you sent for me and my family – for which I am most grateful. The healing and prayers have helped. Though, I (as well as our family) often find myself victim of recurrent psychic attacks, negatives energies and thoughts, blocks directed at me (and by extension our family). They affect me/us on all levels. I know the sender(s). They are not complete strangers. I also know that the negativity stems from their angry self, jealousy, envy, desire for control . . .… Read More

Energy Hooks

I am 53 years old. I connected to a man on the internet who seemed to be everything I wanted – loving and kind and thoughtful. However, after time I felt myself losing energy. Negative things started to happen to me. I have been told he is an energy vampire by a local healer. I have done all the exercises in your book Healing Negative Energies but although they work the problem returns. Please can you help me to get rid of the thoughts of this man and his influence over me.… Read More

Finding true love

When you have had past sexual relationships, if you do not release these people and let go of the pain or ties, can this hinder the ability in finding true love of a soulmate?… Read More

Healing Pain

Dear Anne. Could you please help, I beg you! my life is a tragedy and it has been since I was raped by my father when i was a small child. since that time my life has invited a chain event of misfortune, accidents, misery and many disputes with my family. I have also suffered illnesses and other maladies. It feels some times that my children and rest of my family are carrying a curse. Is there a way out for this, what can i do? I want to die !!… Read More


I subscribed to your online workshops about two weeks, the healing workshops I totally love, and all the information you give there, as well as the examples, are very very helpful.
Yesterday I had my firsts healing sessions, distant ones.
There was this Indian guy popping up on facebook, texting me and I wanted to see how it will be performing healing on a complete stranger. … Read More

Healing Symbols

saw you have a Healing Symbol Pendant in your website and I just wonder how different is this for other Healing Symbols like for example the one they use to Reiki which has both Close and Distance Healing?
Also if I may ask what is the name of this symbol for my further researching about its origin and power.… Read More

Psychic Attack

Hi Anne,
Good day to you. I just want to let you know that last night I watched your video on your morning ritual, how to seek protection and last night I had a nightmare.
In the dream, I dreamt my family and I were in a haunted service apartment and the doors took turns to open and closed by themselves. I asked Archangel Michael to protect me from negative energy. … Read More

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