Opening Heart Spheres the way to live wholeheartedly

For some years I have been working with a concept of healing which I call Heart Spheres. I discovered the heart spheres which are similar to chambers one day when in Oslo, Norway. I was working on a healing session with a therapist who had been to me a few times before.… Read More

9 tips from a self-help expert on how to stay positive when you feel anything but

We all know that sometimes things can start to get you down. Whether it’s something in your personal life, the political climate in your country, or even a global issue, it can be almost impossible to stay positive all the time. Self-help author, writer and speaker Anne Jones travels the world to spread her ideas on the things people can do to improve their own situations and stay positive.… Read More

Gratitude – the way to go if you want to be uplifted

I’ve found that our lock-down status and limitation on where we can go and who we can see has had a strange affect on me and many of my friends. We are have become more grateful for what we have! We have lost a lot but yet we are more appreciative than ever of what we do have. … Read More

Make time for your relationships

Modern life is juggling act but it is important to make time for your relationships. We have to share out our time in order to satisfy the needs and demands of our family, our partners, friends, work, hobbies, children and so on.… Read More

Love, but Don’t Fix

One of the biggest traps for the unwary spiritual traveller is in the desire to assist others we step off our path onto their’s. We break a spiritual law when we delve too closely into someone’s life and re-organise, take control and make decisions for them.… Read More

Being Pure (& a Little Bit Cross!)

Living a more spiritual existence, being pure and all the things recommended to assist you to do that is, in my belief, absolutely right. There are so many articles, blogs, quotes and inspirational things to prod us in the right direction, to help lift our spirits and to keep moving us forward on this journey we call life.… Read More

Spiritual Spices, Flowers and Exotic Fragrances

Every birthday my dear friend Debbie Mulkern – Master of essential oils and nose extraordinaire gives me a voucher for a personal perfume. It’s a day I look forward to and I am always amazed how the oils I select for my perfume always have a strong message for the place I am in and the intention of where I want to be. … Read More

Abuse – Why Do Men Beat Women?

Over the years since I have been giving healing sessions I have have come across many clients who have been abused by their partners and/or have fathers who have beaten their mothers.… Read More

Body Speak Part 2

This is a follow-on from my previous blog about the way our body speaks to us and the need for us to listen to its language. I thought it might be useful if I give some more examples of body speak and also see if there is a way for you to have a dialogue – even if it’s just a simple Yes or No. “Yes that will suit you” or “Don’t touch that with a long stick!”… Read More

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