Slow down, Rest and Receive

I recently went to a Kundalini yoga session with my daughter Amanda. I love this form of yoga and I knew it would be a good session but I was particularly thrilled as the topic and focus for the evening was “Slow Down”. This touched a spot with me as I have been trying very hard to do this all this year not always with great success I might add. Why would I be trying to slow down and why was this subject for a yoga session?… Read More

Fears, Eyes and Blood Pressure

We all know that fears are debilitating, limiting and hamper our progress. They cause stress and they serve no good purpose other than act as a challenge and a chance to grow – (Oh, Yeh!) Over the years I have faced most of mine and gradually ticked them off as I stepped up to them or was forced to face them by life’s twists and turns. … Read More

How to let go of anger

My heart is full of anger and I don’t have peace even though I have a good marriage with 3 kids on it. I feel like I’m going to pass on the anger to my kids and they are going to grow into angry filled adults like me. One hurting incident happened at work a few years back and it has stuck in me, changed my heart, and made me feel stuck in the situation in all of this I’m still at the same company unhappy and frustrated with life. I read your first book “Heal yourself” when was 20 years and I am still referring to it today. My overall negative, frustrated, unhappy energy is affecting everyone in the house.… Read More

Mud, buckets and bowls full of love (bowls – not bowels)

We moved in November and the time leading up to that has been quite a journey…. We moved from a small caravan where we had been living “temporarily”. The “temporarily” had originally been planned as 3 weeks but strangely, as life tends to happen, turned into 14 months. I am quite stoic really, not a princess and even if I have the occasional melt down hissy fit, I usually manage to pull myself into a more positive frame of mind quite quickly. Having to fill up a water barrel every couple of days in the freezing cold then roll it up and down a muddy field can become a bit tiresome when you fall over in the mud for the 16th time.… Read More

Coping with the challenges of conflict

Why is there so much conflict in our world? All my life there has been a war somewhere. My heart breaks to see the devastation caused by the wars in Yemen and Syria where children are dying of hunger and bombing raids. Why is this happening?… Read More

I am Wings of Freedom

I have mentioned before the great work of Debbie Rye who clears land, houses and spiritual interference. Janet Thompson has written a review of Debbie’s new book which is a great and inspiring read.… Read More

How to Stay Positive in a Fearful World

The world political scene is causing all of us some degree of concern and for parents with busy lives balancing work and family life, it can be another dark cloud that casts gloom into your life. All of the difficulties you face are likely to have some effect on your own energy levels and the combined worry and anxiety that everyone around you carries will also affect you.… Read More

If you open your heart will you get hurt?

When we talk about opening our hearts we usually bring in the words unconditional love. Mmmmm not easy! Everyone on their conscious spiritual journey has, at some stage, put unconditional love on their wish list. … Read More

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