Survival Kit For Life

How to survive living with negative people by Anne Jones, self-help author and speaker In this series I share ways to manage your energy levels and to cope with the negativity you can face day to day from those you … Read More

A Healer’s Life is Gruelling

More and more people are running or setting up small healing or therapeutic businesses but the vast majority are failing to make enough to live on. I have spent over 20 years earning a living as a spiritual healer, teacher … Read More

The Key to Your Heart

When we feel stuck or are stumbling through life’s challenges, we may feel powerless. Anne Jones, author and transformational energy healer says that we are far more powerful than we think we are. We can change an experience or relationship … Read More

When to Fold and when to Draw

There will be a time when you wonder if it’s worth pursuing a dream, a goal or whether it would be better to give up, give in and try another path. Have you had a time in your life, or … Read More

A Lesson in Attachment

Yesterday, for the first time in ages my husband Tony took our dogs for a walk without me. This wasn’t an act of rejection! All morning it had been pouring with rain, in fact, throwing down sheets of water and … Read More

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