Experiencing Bliss

A few months ago, I was in deep meditation. I asked the Universe to reveal something to me that would help me lead a more spiritual life. I quieted my mind and suddenly I felt an energy force move through me and push my body, and I very clearly saw the name “Anne Jones” in my head, with an emphasis on the e at the end of Anne. I live in the US and had never heard of you, so I brushed it off at first thinking I must have made it up. However, it persisted so I decided to google your name, and your page was the first thing that came up! I was shocked to find that the name in my head wasn’t something I had made up, but actually someone who could help me develop my spirituality!… Read More

The Importance of Protection

had the strangest experience a few weeks ago and I am curious to know what was going on, I thought I could try to find out. Maybe, since you’re very spiritual, you have some idea of what was going on?… Read More

Love and Hate

The word love is really overused – simply as it has to cover all number of situations and feelings. We love our dogs, our house, our job and icecream! See what I mean? I think trying to love someone who has really hurt you or someone you care for is a big ask. … Read More

Overcome Fear

I’ve started a new life in a large city quite recently and find it hard to make new friends and acquaintances; it’s the type of city where people avert their eyes down as you pass by them on the street in a kind of stony isolation. This is typical of many big cities, of course and I don’t blame anyone. Being around so many people’s energies constantly can be jarring. I confess, I’m just as guilty of averting my eyes too and seeking isolation.… Read More

How Can I Move Forward?

I am in a state where I cannot move forward. I had discovered my husband having an affair 3 months ago. I was 7 months pregnant then with our 3rd child. Since then, my life has been hell and he has turned into a person I no longer recognise. This is a man I have known for 10 years… Someone I know to be kind, responsible and honest. So, what has happened is like a nightmare and I am still waiting to wake up.… Read More

Twin Flames

I have met mine we are close but live apart as he is married and we have a 7 year old daughter together!
How complicated is that to start off with! As we have a link for our daughter and he sees her once a week, at times he will project his negativity onto me and also I feel like he is next door in the other room, so I am hearing and feeling all the good stuff and also the negative stuff. Sometimes I don’t know if what I am feeling is mine or his!? And maybe there is very little I can do about it, but accept and learn how to recognise what is his stuff. It’s too close for comfort and last time I did get suffocated and had a meltdown, it was all too much for me.… Read More

Imprints and Learning Lessons

Please could you explain imprints? My question is, is it possible to remove them in our lifetime, or are they there to serve a purpose and we just need to deal with whatever lessons come when they activate?… Read More

Problem With My Mum

First of all thank you so much for the magical healing moment I shared with you and the group the other night!!!
Basically my mum and I have a turbulent relationship, I am living with her at the moment. She is a bit negative (even though she doesn’t see or think that she is) – She has a bad right eye and has been to hospital, it’s called wet eye.Although serious I think she will get better!!!… Read More

Healing Old Curses

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for being such a caring and giving spirit. Also, thank you for responding to my comment on Youtube with regards to the possibility of removing an old curse or spell.
Is it possible to heal curses and black magic that have been there for forty four years?… Read More

A Question of Manifesting

Are we “allowed” to pray for things? I am a little confused. I read that we are the only authority in our life, and that we have free will. However, I also read that we should always ask the Universe for things with the qualification that it comes to us “under grace”, that it is right for us. I previously prayed very hard for a job promotion but the result was I had to deal with jealousy from people I thought were my friends. I suffered stress, anxiety and poor health and my work performance worsened as a result.… Read More

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